What IS So Special About 30A?


True, it’s a remarkable driving experience. The little two-lane road winds through quaint beach towns, giving way to glimpses of the emerald green and turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico and offering beautiful views of rare coastal dune lakes.

But 30A is more than just a pretty drive. The locals will tell you that this is where they came to find themselves. It’s where businesses were launched, creative dreams fulfilled, and life finally slowed down. The 30A life is a place where toasting sunsets, cheering on friends in a paddle board contest, and seeing familiar faces everywhere you go is routine. It’s the sheer beauty of the Emerald Coast and the rare coastal dune lakes, which defy imagination when their waters break through the dunes spilling into the blue waves of the Gulf, sometimes with a force so sudden it will knock you off your feet. It’s acres upon acres of state forest, it’s fine cuisine on a balmy summer’s evening and bonding with strangers as a bell tolls at the end of the day. 30A is not simply a place.

It’s a lifestyle, a spirit and a way of being . . . .